Are you ready to exit?

If you were thinking about leaving your business, but not sure how or where to start - you are not alone!

Are you ready to exit?

If you were thinking about leaving your business, but not sure how or where to start - you are not alone!

Did you know that 74% of owners aren't happy with their exit results within 1-year?

And also, that:

  • 37% of business owners plan to exit their businesses within 5-10 years

  • 49% are planning to sell the business to an unrelated third-party user

  • 17% will sell or transfer the ownership to a child/ren and/or family member

  • 39% said the lack of good business systems, management teams, and strategy is their main obstacle

The process has lots of moving parts and points to consider

It requires the knowledge and expertise in many business-related subjects, such as: accounting, corporate and tax law, estate / financial / insurance planning, and more...

Attempting to do it all alone is risky and, in many cases, ends up with poor results and financial loses.

Here is how the 7-Step Business Exit Planning Process helps you exit on your terms!

How does it help you exit your business?

It all starts with defining the gaps between your now and your future.

START: Exit Readiness Assessment

Helps you score your current reality, highlight the priorities, timeframes, and plan the exit when you need it.

STEP-1: Setting Your ExitGoals

Helps you set your universal, fundamental, and value-based goals. Making sure nothing is left behind!

STEP-2: Assessing Financial Resources

Makes your financial planning rock solid, to avoid any unpleasant surprises after the transaction is complete.

Then we plan your actions to close the financial and operational gaps!

STEP-3: Building and Preserving Value

Planning actions to preserve and build your business' value to bridge the financial gap found in the first steps.

STEP-4: Evaluating 3rd Party Sell Option

Even if you plan to transfer ownership to insiders, it is very important to have this option as plan B in case something goes wrong.

STEP-5: Transfer Ownership to Insiders

Want to sell to 3rd party? Transfer to insiders has its own benefits and often is easier and more profitable option!

"Will your business survive, if you - don't?" Let's make your answer -"Yes!"

STEP-6: Business Continuity Instructions

Decide on who, what, when and how needs to do if you are not around.

STEP-7: Your Wealth and Estate Planning

Securing your financial goals, maximizing the income and minimizing the taxes.

FINISH: Enjoy the Next Chapter of Your Life

Congratulations! You've successfully exited your business! Good luck in the next chapter of your life!

The starting point of any Exit Plan is knowing where you are now

A solid exit plan always begins with the assessment of your current conditions, and understanding what exit planning is, and what it takes to make a really solid Exit Plan.

What all these mean to you?

It DOESN'T mean you need to exit your business NOW! But the sooner you make it ready, the easier the process will be for you.

What can you do about it?

You can start with assessing your Exit Readiness using our interactive, online tool!

It is fast, easy, and cost you nothing!

Take the first step towards your Exit Planning!

Take the first step toward your Exit Planning!

Take the "Exit Readiness Assessment" and we will give you a report that is:

  • Free of sales pitches! (Yes, yes! No sales pitches)!

  • Providing at-a-glance view of the high priority categories!

  • Giving you external business reality-check!

  • Scoring your exit readiness in 16 critical business categories, and

  • Giving a simple explanation for each category!

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