do you dream about leaving your business, but not sure ON how to keep the lifestyle you want?

A personalized Exit Plan will make your business "buyer-ready" and move you toward your dream!

Are you dreaming to leave your business, but unsure how to keep the lifestyle you want?

A personalized Exit Plan will make your business "buyer-ready" and move you toward your dream!

Go from "Handcuffed to your business" to "Free to go any day"!

For business owners, who dream about selling their business, Congruent Clarity helps:

  • Get the business "sale-ready"

  • Build and preserve business value

  • Get you on the sure path to your future

This process is not for everyone, especially if you happy the way you are. But for those of you who are serious about exiting the business, on their terms: by design and not by default.

Here some of the ways we can help you achieve your goals:

Here some of the ways we can help you achieve your goals:

Set your Exit Goals and Priorities

Setting goals is a critical part of every plan!

We help you set your Universal, Fundamental, and Financial goals.

And we make sure you leave nothing, and no one behind.

Assemble your winning "Dream Deal Team"

If you want to maximize the proceeds from exiting your business, you need a team of a top-notch professionals to help you make the right decisions.

If you have advisors that already work with you, we'll include them in the process!

Draft Business Continuity Instructions

Whether its 5 or 50 years from now, you must ensure your business' undisturbed operations.

"Finance", "Legal" and "Key stakeholders" (employees, vendors, and clients) are only a few subjects to consider when you draft your Business Continuity Instructions.

Help Build and Preserve Business Value

"Transferable Value" is a key for business success!

While you are in charge, a business with high Transferable Value will provide a superior work/life balance for the owner.

And when you exit, it will be one of the most important drivers of the business price.

What our clients ask when start working with us

What our clients were asking when started to work with us?

What is Exit Planning?

Exit Planning is a holistic approach to designing a strategy that will allow you to receive maximum value for your life's work after exiting your business.

It encompasses setting Exit Objectives (e.g., when do you want to leave, to whom will you sell the business), pulling together a team of Trusted Advisors aka "Dream Deal Team" (e.g., CPA, attorney, financial advisor), and writing down each aspect of the transition sequence.

Who needs an Exit Plan?

Quick answer: every business owner!

But those who start to think about exiting soon, or who plans to reduce their involvement in the business, need to act earlier.

Can my CPA/Lawyer do that?

Your advisor/s can (and should) be a valuable member of the Exit Planning Team because of the expertise they can bring to the table.

However, most advisors are limited in what they're trained to do. They have a set of powerful core skills but aren't trained to loke at the Exit Plan from the big picture perspective. That's where we come in.

What qualifies you to do Exit Planning?

We've been working with business owners for years now. The "7-Step Exit Planning" process helped us put all we knew together in a complete, turnkey package.

From helping you set your goals and objectives to setting transition strategies, we are here to help you.

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