Super Power You Can Learn

Have you ever wondered what could it feel like if you had a superpower? What you’d be able to accomplish? How much more could you have? 
All these great opportunities that this superpower would give you! What would you be ready to give up for having one, ah?

Well, I have some bad, and some good news for you. Let me clear the bad one out of the way first: No… You won’t be able to fly like a superman or have the strength of the Wolverine.

Sorry about that.

But the good news is that you still can get a superpower without a need for any creature to bite you! The one that ANY successful person has.

I’m talking about the power of “Self-Control”! The formula is simple:
Control your Attention! Let me show you how you can gain it and get reduced stress levels as a bonus!

In this day and age, we are bombarded and over-flooded with information. Naturally, we are attracted to bad news and this is what media is offering us in abundance! This can be very distracting and drags the attention from where we need it to be.

As a result, things are NOT getting done, your goals are missed and the outcomes are not there. There is a simple trick I’ve learned, that helps me to stay focused on where I want to focus for longer, get more things done, and overall reduce the stress level!

I want to use three circles to illustrate my idea. Let me introduce you the Big Three:

Circles of Concern, Influence, and Control!

“Circle of Concern” is everything that matters to you. All of your interests, things that you care about. Some of them will impact your life, and some don’t.
Your local weather. Results of the elections. Rumors about your favorite and not “that much favorite” celebs.
All this is in the circle of your concerns. The rest existing, but you don’t really care about it. The vast majority of this list is not only out of your control, but also not influenced by you. Like weather or election. Well, maybe the elections are somehow influenced by you, but it is not certain.

It brings us to the next circle: “Circle of Influence”.
It circled around all things that you can influence. I’ve heard that sometimes even your kids are in this circle!

In general, your circle of influence is things that you cannot directly control but can influence through other people who do control it.

Last, but not least is the “Circle of Control”. Here you list all of the things that you can directly control by your choices and actions. There are many things that can be in this circle. And this circle is straight forward.

Why do I speak about these? The circle that you need to focus most of your efforts is your “Circle of Control”. Less attention in “Circle of Influence” and be very selective with the “Circle of Concerns”.

Here where you can see a lot of gains when you start to exercise your power of Self-Control:
The more you control yourself and directing your focus and energy to the inner circles, the better your results will be.

So, how do you learn the Self-Control superpower? Start noticing where your attention is and ask yourself – what circle is it?

If you are out of your “Circle of Control” and even not in the “Circle of Influence”, chances are that you can find something better for your time. Switch your mental channel to the right circle. With time, you’ll get better and better at controlling your attention and directing it where it needs to be.

The first outcome will be more things done and the bonus is reduced stress levels because you’ll feed less and less on all the negative news that are definitely not in your circle of control.

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Good luck superheroes!

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