Recently I’ve got a response to one of my articles from a reader. And she mentioned that it reminded her of a concept from the book:

“The Laws of Human Nature”, by Robert Green.

I’ve never heard about the book, so I had to look it up…

“Tactical Hell”… Boy, how many times in the past I found myself in it! And how many times I had to grab myself by ears and pull myself out of it!

The concept is applicable to a wide variety of areas. But I wanted to share what resonated with me in the context of business.

“Tactical Hell”, is the inability to accept being in the dead end. When you’ve made a wrong turn, and now stuck in it only because you won’t admit the mistake. Situations, where your attempts to force your way through, are not a matter of “getting closer to your goals”, but asserting your ego. Proving you are right!

When you fall into the “Tactical Hell” you lose the ability of Strategic Thinking. The voice of the ego is so loud… you feel so invested in the situation, that you don’t realize that you waste your energy and time on a tactic that doesn’t work!

One of the questions that should guide your decision making is simple:

  • Does this support me in achieving my goals?

And here the tricky part! You need to be brutally honest with yourself! Because often there is a very fine line between the “giving-up” and “tactically change the direction”.

How do you distinguish one from another? One is leading you toward your goals and the other – doesn’t.

Nothing wrong with persistence! We were not born with all the skills and abilities we need, and it takes time and practice to learn new tactics and strategies. But you also need to know when you grasp into something only because you don’t want to be wrong.

So, next time, when you realize that you struggle in a situation. Fighting the same battle over and over with the same result, ask yourself:

  • Does this support me in achieving my goals?
  • Why do I keep repeating myself? And,
  • Why don’t I use an alternative?

Then use your Strat Plan as a validation tool! A properly made plan will sort out subjects that don’t deserve your attention.
Don’t have a Strat Plan yet? Let me help you draft one to serve YOU and YOUR business better!

Like always, I’m looking forward to your questions in the comments or private messages. Please visit my e-learning system for more insights and strategies you can apply in your business today. Because at Congruent Clarity, “Your Success is My Story”.

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