There is one question I always ask my clients and prospects:

  • Are you a Product or a Customer?

Why do I care? In my work with clients, I focus a lot on where their time goes. To help us understand it, I use what is called the “Eisenhower Matrix”. And usually, we place the daily scrolling through Social Media feeds in the Quadrant of Waste (see my article/post about that). With one exception:

  • It is a waste of your time only if you are a Product for social media!

Andrew Lewis worded it very nicely:

“If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer. You’re the product being sold.” 

You see, all the “free” social media platforms, are here to generate profits. And they generate it by selling you and your personalized interests to the real customers:

  • Those who pay to get their message in front of you.

Social media deliver masses who use the “free media”, spending time scrolling their feeds. This puts the word “Feed” into a different perspective, isn’t it?

Back in 1973, artists Richard Serra and Carlota Fay Schoolman broadcasted a short video titled “Television Delivers People”. The video was nothing but a blue screen with text scrolling on it. The key messages were:

  • Commercial television delivers 20 million people a minute.
  • In commercial broadcasting, the viewer pays for the privilege of having himself sold.
  • It is the consumer who is consumed.
  • You are the product of TV.
  • You are delivered to the advertiser who is the customer.
  • He consumes you.
  • The viewer is not responsible for programming…
  • You are the end product.

Since then, internet search engines and social media took over a big chunk of our attention, but the statements still hold true and new media do exactly the same: deliver YOUR attention to the real customers.

So.., to the main point of all this:

If you want to be on Social Media, at least make it your business tool! And then you can transform the “time-waster” into your strategic “time-investing”! Become a customer, and enjoy the free service! And it will change the way you see your feeds forever!

Digital marketing is a great opportunity to generate more leads and convert them into happy customers. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

There are few different ways to approach this. But in a nutshell, they all do the same. You need a strategy and execution plan.

Start by deciding who you are going after, what are the pain points you want to address, how you will help them, and why you are better than your competition.

The exact strategy will vary based on your product/service offering, and there is no “one size fit all” solution. Otherwise, like with diets, we would all know about it, right?

Your strategy will require some brain-storming and creativity. And time… Time invested in it. But in the end it all worth it!

The goal of this short article was to make you stop and think. And I hope I achieved it. No one wants to be a Product, and you shouldn’t too!

As always, looking forward to your comments and questions. And if you need a little help with this or any other business-related issue, me and my team are always here to help! And if you find this article helpful, subscribe below to receive notifications when I post something else!

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